Why These Voices Work

Humorous, Wry

Some of the most memorable ads ever were humorous. E-Trade’s talking baby was a hoot. Alka Seltzer’s “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing,” made us remember our own indigestion and laugh about it.  GEICO’s “What day is it??? HUMP DAY,”  was just plain funny.

Humor works because it breaks through; it makes people pay attention. Even better, people talk about funny ads.  I love voicing humorous ads.

Here are two of my favorites:

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Warm, Folksy

One of the hardest things to get right in advertising is believability. Most of the time, people can spot fakes a mile away. Genuine warmth, chemistry, and yes, honesty is the holy grail for advertising messages. It’s not enough for ads to be just possible; they have to show likeliness! These days, many advertisers go too far to assure audiences they’re telling the truth. There’s often too much smile in the actor’s voice. Or, there are 5 demographic groups pictured in one scene of a :30 second banking commercial when the chances of that happening at your local bank are slim to none. Authenticity is priceless.

Here are a couple spots I think turned out pretty darn honest.

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Thoughtful, Reflective

In trying to connect on a personal level, many advertisers pose more philosophical questions to their intended targets. It’s a great technique to help your business stand out as being attentive, concerned, understanding. People want to do business with other people who get them. A more contemplative, musing voiceover can be a great bridge to audiences who aren’t averse to thinking on their own. It helps bolster your missions and your authenticity.

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Tough, Gritty

When you’re speaking to a non-nonsense audience, you’d better get down to business. And fast. A strong, unsentimental, voice does just that. A rugged, take-no-prisoners voice gets down to brass tacks and gives products and services the straightforward, pragmatic solutions people are looking for these days.  My voice assures audiences you’re not wasting their time.

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Cowboy, Rural

(all spots found on cowboyvoice.com page) Cowboys are popular from coast to coast. Even for city dwellers, there’s just something about cowboys (the hat? the horse?) that’s romantic, strong, bigger than life. A cowboy voiceover takes those qualities and distills your message into something warm and believable, yet strong and straightforward.

Here are a few favorites:

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